Saturday, April 9, 2011

Willie Revillame Temporary Farewell on "Willing Willie"

The recent Jan-jan isssue hounding Willie Revillame led to a  two-week temporary off-air of his television variety-gameshow called "Willing Willie."

In Willing Willie's latest (and last?) live show, Willie Revillame expressed his personal thoughts and feeling on how the public, some celebrities and government allegedly over-reacted to the issue.

He remains non-remorseful to the incident holding on his personal perception that he did nothing wrong to the crying six-year old boy contestant of his show Willing Willie. He also insinuated about invisible hands working on the issue against him led by rival TV network ABS-CBN. Moreover, he is also exploring options to sue celebrities who allegedly bad-mouthed him in social micro-blogging site Twitter.

Watch the full recorded statements of Willie Revillame on YouTube:

Surely this would not be the last we will hear from this Willie Revillame -Jan-jan isssue in the next two weeks. As TV5 discusses their options further, the ultimate result of this brouhaha will be known on April 25 if Willing Willie will return on air.

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