Monday, February 28, 2011

Tuesday Vargas Starting Fresh with Dulcolax

Celebrity Tuesday Vargas admits to her constant problem with regards to 'something' specially during TV shootings. So she decides to 'start fresh' with Dulcolax.

Recent rumors even spread about her sudden change in behavior. People claim she was not her usual jolly and animated self anymore and they speculated that she seemed stressed. Ok, let's go straight to the point. The 'something' we are referring to is not related rumors or intrigues about Tuesday - it's her problem on constipation.

She admitted to suffer from its consequences before and told the media in a recent Bisacodyl Dulcolax Exclusives event where Tuesday Vargas revealed the Starting Fresh campaign.
Tuesday admits, “Constipada nga po ako. It was hard for me to “move” everyday.  And lately, I learned that this is a medical condition and it’s not healthy for our body. (Constipada nga po ako.  Hirap po akong mag-move everyday.  Eh lately ko lang nalaman na medical condition pala ito, at higit sa lahat hindi healthy para sa mga katawan natin).
Doctor Ivan Olegario, a product physician and a credible medical adviser of one of the most well known pharmaceutical firms in the country explains that constipation is a condition where one passes stool less frequently than usual, has difficulty passing stool, or has a sensation of incomplete passing of the stool. For some people, this may lead to a feeling of heaviness, bloating or abdominal discomfort. Apart from the physical symptoms, it also affects people emotionally as the discomfort may result to the feeling of stress, short temperedness and irritability.
 “A lot of Filipinos actually don’t realize that irregular bowel movement is abnormal and so they don’t know that they’re already constipated. It’s important to make bowel movement a regular daily routine,” adds Dr. Olegario.
In relation to bowel movement, Dulcolax® (Bisacodyl) has been providing relief to sufferers of constipation in many countries for over 50 years offering a wide range of products that cater to the different needs of people suffering from this ailment.
I’m proud to be part of the Dulcolax (Bisacodyl) team. We offer our consumers with relief from an ailment that affects their daily life. On behalf of Boehringer Ingelheim, I am proud to give Filipinos a safe and effective solution to their constipation problems. In this way we are actually helping them have fresh starts,” Dulcolax® (Bisacodyl) Brand Manager Jo-ann Ramos adds.
Dulcolax is also embarking on an exciting new campaign called Starting Fresh. The campaign aims to inform the public about digestive health and help more people address their constipation concerns through a very unique way where they will will go around the country for a roadshow what will engage people and educate them about the ailment and how they can solve their constipation problems.  There would also be a mini-series on Dulcolax® (Bisacodyl)’s newly launched jingle performed by Tuesday to educate the people in an entertaining way.

Dulcolax is available in all drugstores nationwide. Check out more information about Dulcolax (Bisacodyl) and constipation , and Tuesday Vargas' Starting Fresh campaign at

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