Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kris Aquino & Ted Failon - Pwede!

Not a few was surprised with the recent interview of celebrity Kris Aquino by newscaster Ted Failon on national TV at TV Patrol news.

Kris Aquino's number of failed relationships is no secret; including per pending annulment case with husband and basketball player James Yap. All that aside from being the current president's sister. While Ted Failon is a widower.

Check out this Youtube video interview by Ted Failon with Kris Aquino on TV Patrol reshown through SNN:

Although the recent video interview with Kris by Ted on TV Patrol looked like a joke as done in jest, the two being a couple is not far from being possible. Both Failon and Aquino are in fact, technically in a detached relationship and are very much available for new love.
Ted Failon & Kris Aquino on TV Patrol
What do you think? Will a Ted Failon - Kris Aquino tandem 'click' in the celebrity world? :)

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