Monday, September 6, 2010

The Greenwich Bigatin Friends & Bigatin Pizzas!

Bigatin friends are always there for you when you need them. Do you have one?

For Greenwich, here they are: The Bigatin Friends:

John lloyd Cruz
The Bigatin Charmer - John Lloyd Cruz
Just a text away, the bigatin friend who will get you out of long movie queues and give you big shopping discounts. The charmer helps you and the barkada get away with almost anything with just a smile and smooth words.

Tim Yap
The Bigatin VIP - Tim Yap
On Friday nights when your urge to party strikes, but you find yourself having a hard time getting in the grooviest and most exclusive clubs, you just call on your bigatin VIP friend. He or she is always connected to the latest and hottest happenings around town and is the go-to person for exclusive VIP passes and tickets to extra special parties and events.

The Bigatin Tech-savvy Buddy
Third, your tech-savvy buddy runs to your side when your computer crashed without warning while you’re finishing a report due the next morning. Armed with all the techie knowledge available on earth, he gamely fixes your computer problems and even gives extra advice.

Chris Tiu
The Bigatin MVP - Chris Tiu
When you need someone to back you up in a basketball challenge against an aggressive and intimidating opponent, expect your bigatin MVP pal to be there to lead you to victory. Your team will surely share high five’s and chest bumps while watching the other team walk away.

The Bigatin Fashionista - Issa
Situation calls for a make-over for an instant date or party? No need to fret when the sassy fashionista friend is around. She’ll be more than delighted to share her chic style tips and even her prized red stilettos.

With these bigatin friends around, even the tightest fixes become fun experiences. And when it’s your turn to give back to your bigatin friends, the two new Overloaded Bigatin Pizzas of Greenwich are for them. Give them equally bigatin treats such as the Hungarian Sausage and Bacon Overload, and Shrimp and Garlic Overload that are heavily loaded with premium toppings.

Hungarian Sausage and Bacon Overload
Friends who appreciate a bigatin ‘thank you’ gesture won’t say no to the sumptuous Hungarian Sausage and Bacon Overload overflowing with twice the Hungarian sausage and crispy bacon, topped with 100 percent mozzarella cheese.

Shrimp and Garlic Overload
They will also surely love the mouth-watering Shrimp and Garlic Overload with its 1/3 pound of juicy grilled shrimp, as well as its roasted garlic, onions and green bell peppers packed atop a thick bed of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. These mouthwatering choices will delight the taste buds of your bigatin friends the way like no other pizzas can, and even turn you into a bigatin character they can depend on.

So when you and your most special friends spend the most extraordinary bonding moments together, there’s nothing like the perfect treat of a bigatin pizza or two from the country’s biggest and most-preferred pizza-and-pasta chain.

So to my Bigatin friends, I would like to let you know that I love the Hungarian Sausage and Bacon Overload. Get it? or if you want it to be effortless on your part, just order one for me and have it delivered; call Greenwich delivery hotline in Metro Manila at 5-55-55.

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