Friday, June 5, 2015

From 'Kilig Prince' to 'Baker King'

Teen celebrity and TV5's 'Kilig Prince'​ Mark Philipp Neumann stars as Tag Ku in one of the newest primetime series on television called the "Baker King".
Mark Neumann
Mark Neumann with Ricky Lo & friend
Mark Neumann
Mark Neumann
The primetime series is based on the similar titled Korean hit TV series and has been showing on TV5 for more than two weeks now. But in tonight's episode at 9:30pm, the young Tag Ku grows up to be reprised by heartthrob Mark Neumann in much anticipation of his fans and followers of the tv series.

Baker King Press Conference

In a press conference yesterday at the iconic landmark and 76-year old Kamuning Bakery in Quezon City, Mark showcased his baking skills live in front of the media-filled bakery. He demonstrated how to prepare and bake pandesal with 'love'. He took up some lessons months ago in baking in preparation for his lead role in Baker King.

When asked about his favorite breads, he shared that Pandesal, Pan de Coco, and Spanish Bread are  his top three favorties.
Kamuning Bakery
Kamuning Bakery owner Wilson Lee Flores with Mark & Ricky
Baker King
Baker King Press Conference @ Kamuning Bakery 
Mark Neumann
'Kilig Prince' Mark Neumann
Kamuning Bakery
Mark preparing for his press conference at Kamuning Bakery 
Baker King Mark Neumann
Mark during an Interview
Kilig Prince or Baker King?

Budding from his Wattpad series, Baker King is Mark Neumann's biggest break to date as he jumps from 'kilig' roles to something more serious.

In fact, some of the scenes that viewers will witness tonight and in the next episodes would involve action scenes that took hours to tape in pursuit of making the execution flawless to deliver quality soap for Baker King followers.

He also took physical trainings in order to prepare for his fight scenes.

When Showbiz Manila interviewed Mark Neumann yesterday asking how he would handle criticisms and comparisons to the original Korean Baker King TV series, he answered that he is not that worried since this Filipino version would have its own approach and Pinoy touch that would appeal to the Filipino viewers.

Wilson Lee Flores
Wilson Lee Flores w/ Baker King's Tag Ku
Kamuning Bakery
Mark Neumann serving his baked bread @ Kamuning Bakery
Baker King TV5
Mark as 'Tag Ku' 
TV5 Business Unit Head Camille Montaño added that they stayed true to story of Baker King while customizing it for the Pinoy audience. They also used the original Korean sound track of the drama series.

Catch Mark Neumann on his most challenging role as Tak Gu who strives to be the best baker in the country amid life's trials. Mark's appearance premieres tonight 9:30pm on Baker King. It airs Monday to Friday on the 'Kapatid' network TV5.

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