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Sam Concepcion is Chef's Noodle's Newest Celebrity Endorser

Sam Concepcion
Sam Concepcion
Fresh from being the latest hot showbiz topic, Sam Concepcion once again faced the media when he was introduced as Chef's Noodle's newest celebrity endorser. Chef's Noodle is one of the fastest growing Korean restaurant in Metro Manila.

Aactor, singer and dancer Sam Concepcion now joins TV host Grace Lee and gorgeous couple Lloyd and Shamcey Supsup-Lee as Chef's Noodle's celebrity endorsers.

The recent alleged encounter with Anne Curtis, the older sister of Sam's rumored girlfriend Jasmin Curtis, has caught Sam Concepcion in between words and rumors in the past week. This resulted in a large group of entertainment media, both from, broadcast, print , and online, to eagerly wait for Sam's appearance in the media presscon held at the Chef's Noodle restaurant in Robinsons Magnolia the other day.
Sam Concepcion & Chef's Noodle
Sam Concepcion & Chef's Noodle
Sam Concepcion Robinsons Magnolia
Sam Concepcion @ Robinsons Magnolia
Chef's Noodle Robinsons Magnolia
Chef's Noodle Robinsons Magnolia
Now more mature as a person and as a celebrity, Sam Concepcion bravely answered all questions hurled at him in the press conference. Sam readily faced questions from Korean food to personal life issues involving two of the most prominent ladies' names attached to his - Jasmin and Anne Curtis.

Nonetheless, Sam assured the press that all "is ok now" between him, Jasmin, and Anne Curtis. The latter has also denied anything ill that happened between them.

Press Conference
Press Conference

Sam Concepcion answering media inquiries
Sam Concepcion answering media inquiries. Ms. Nacy Go ( Operations Manager ) [middle]  and Ms. Mary Simisim (CEO- Chef’s Noodle) [rightmost]
Chef's Noodle

Now, more on Chef's Noodle, the young actor shared that he loves Korean food specially the ones from Chef's Noodle. When asked, he confided that the Chef's Noodle category in the menu is what he likes most from the cuisine. If you think about it, Sam indeed exudes a fresh and youthful vibe that is characteristic of Chef's Noodle.

The Philippines is the first international master franchise of the Chef's Noodle brand from South Korea which prides itself with Korean dishes crafted by award-winning Korean celebrity Chef Choi In Sun. Great choices from Chef's Noodle menu include Starking Fire Sushi, Chicken Kas ( breaded chicken fillet with white creamy sauce), Spicy Dukbokki, Haemul Seafood Pajun ( Korean pancake with shrimp and squid, spring onions and bell pepper), and Leek Shrimp Twigim.

My personal favorites are the Japchae and Bibimbap. :)

Sam Concepcion is Chef's Noodle Newest Celebrity Endorser
Sam Concepcion is Chef's Noodle Newest Celebrity Endorser

Visit any of the following Chef's Noodle Branches:
  • University Mall (405 01 29 )
  • Atlanta Center (576 50 54)
  • Robinson Magnolia ( 656 70 33)
  • SM North Edsa The Block ( 376 53 67)
  • Robinsons Place Malolos ( 0917 548 61 87)
It was an added treat to taste Chef's Noodles dishes again in the press conference with Sam Concepcion. 

More good news - Chef's Noodle SM Megamall will open soon! For franchising inquiries, you may visit Chef's Noodle website, and Facebook page for more details

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