Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Raymart Santiago - Mon Tulfo Brawl Video Revealed

The weekend was a witness to a press-versus-celebrity brawl in NAIA3 as actor Raymart Santiago, Actress Claudine Barretto, and journalist Mon Tulfo were involved in a fight.
Showbiz news was naturally abuzz about what happened but both side have their own version of the story. The lack of CCTV coverage in the conveyor belt area of the NAIA3 airport was even criticized and doubted. Haters of different camps, including Claudine Barretto, also surfaced.

Raymart Santiago - Mon Tulfo Brawl Video Revealed
Raymart Santiago - Mon Tulfo Brawl Video Revealed

About 2 days have only passed and a cellphone video of a bystander at NAIA Terminal 3 have surfaced. The video recording of the fight between Raymart Santiago, Claudine Barretto-Santiago, and Mon Tulfo showed some hints as to who were saying the truth and who were making up stories.

Check the capture of the video yourself from YouTube Video:

What can you say about the recorded video of the Tulfo-Raymart fight? Albeit not from the CCTV, it was able to shed some light to what really happened in the brawl/fight between Mon Tulfo, Raymart Santiago, and Claudine Barretto.

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