Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ramgen Revilla-Janelle Manahan Sex Video Upload Draws Ire

Uploading sex scandal videos of people who just died proved to be more than just disrespectful. In contrast to previous viral videos which is sex-oriented in nature, netizens who saw the recent Ramgen Revilla-Janelle Manahan sex video considers the act of uploading it way-off.

This is because one of the concerned party, Ramgen Revilla, was recently murdered and the other one is standing as the case's star witness is going through a tough time.

A PEP website shared the same sentiments where the lawyer of Janelle Manahan is considering that this might be an act of the suspects in trying to bully and destroy the credibility of the star witness.

Making the issue more surprising is that the suspects are also relatives of Ramgen Revilla.

What do you think about this Ramgen Revilla-Janelle Manahan Sex Video upload? Do you think the Revillas were the one who indeed uploaded it? Have you considered that the one who did this realized and know that this will be the knee-jerk reaction of the public and hence pursued to do this also to discredit the Revillas?

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