Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ed Westwick Arrives in Manila

True to tale, US celebrity Ed Westwick more popularly known as Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl, arrived in Manila last night (just a few hours ago).

Rumors of Ed Westwick coming to Manila started a few days ago via Twitter and social networking sites. Gossip Girl (American hit TV series) fans in the Philippines were abuzz about the news. He was said to visit Manila, Philippines as the newest international endorser of clothing brand Penshoppe.
Moreover, official Penshoppe Facebook page gave a hint in its wall last May 29 with Ed Westwick's photo further supporting the hearsay. Official word was out on the same day through ABS-CBN national broadcast network which confirmed the rumors. Penshoppe also posted the same link in its FB wall. 'Chuck Bass' would be a perfect partner with Penshoppe model Solenn Heusaff.

Although the date was not specifically revealed, all they said was that Ed Westwick is coming this June. And to everyone's surprise, it's on the first day of June as he arrived barely about midnight leading to June 1, 2011.

The Internet was immediately filled with greetings welcoming Ed Westwick; both in Facebook and Twitter.
Ed Westwick with Ms.Joyce A. Ramirez (Director - International Publicity at PR Asia Worldwide Communications Inc. [PR ASIA]); photo taken less than an hour ago about 1am June 1 GMT +8
* Ed Westwoick Photo when he arrived in Manila Airport (left; local bank logo at his back)[ photo courtesy of MJ Marfori]

As Ed Westwick arrived in Manila, he immediately had a fresh photo uploaded on the Internet. Everyone is clamoring for an opportunity to see and greet him. There would be a press conference soon and private party on June 2 before the 4 day shoot starting on June 4. Hello Penshoppe and PublicityAsia! :) Welcome Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl)! Mabuhay!


  1. Ed Westwick is an amazing actor! I don't normally follow a series but the first time I got the chance to watch him on GG3, I got hooked. I have GG1-4 on DVD. He is intense! Leighton Meester compliments him...they look spectacular together...brilliant actors! Looking forward to Season 5! And just so it is noted, Gossip Girl is Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf...without them, no fireworks...not gonna work.

  2. You said's true. Gossip Girl is Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester...theirs are the only characters worth following, the chemistry between them is undeniable, it sucks you in and leaves you wanting for more.

  3. i'm loving chuck & blair's love affair more and more!!!!...can't wait to watch the next season!!!!:)

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