Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sarah Geronimo on Sunsilk Co-Creations

Undeniably, Sarah Geronimo is one of the biggest stars in the Phillippine showbiz today. With acting and singing prowess, her loyal fans eagerly await every new role, concert, and album.
Sarah Geronimo
Her constant exposure as a singer and actress – and as the widely recognized face of Sunsilk – interacting with so many people would come as second nature. But the charming “girl-next-door” admits to still being a little bit shy.

I’m not shy when I’m on stage – singing and dancing,” says Sarah who finds great joy in being on stage, performing for her fans. “That’s the time that I’m the most confident. That’s when I lose my inhibitions. I can do anything up on stage.” And if there’s one other thing Sarah has grown confident about – especially as the Sunsilk’s brand ambassador –  it’s her beautiful hair.
Sarah Geronimo and Sunsilk
One of her more memorable performances was her very successful concert. “First time ko mag-concert na nakalugay lang yung hair ko. I loved the feeling! Parang very natural yung movement when I was singing and dancing.
With her rigorous schedule, late sleep nights, several styling sessions, and being under the spotlight at all times, Sarah’s hair definitely goes through a lot. But Sarah has nothing to fear because she trusts the new Sunsilk Co-Creations range. “I love how Sunsilk really cares for the hair of the Filipina,” says Sarah.

So much so that they have even teamed up with international hair experts and harnessed their insights and expertise to create a brilliant new line of products.

Sarah’s all excited with Sunsilk’s latest Co-Creations campaign because each of the experts have collaborated with the hair care giant to come up with best ever  formulations that suit every hair type and address specific hair needs.  "Siyempre bilang performer, napaka-importante how my hair looks. but with my hectic schedule hindi ako makapunta ng salon or maka pag-patreatment kaya I really need the best hair products available."

Sarah got the chance to work with Yuko Yamashita, the smooth hair expert, and Teddy Charles, the shapes and lengths expert when they visited the country recently and she appreciated how each specialist had their own “expert” approach to caring for her hair.

Sabi ni Yuko, i-avoid ko daw ang too much friction,” said Sarah on Yuko Yamashita’s expert advice. “Like sobrang towel drying or even very aggressive brushing, para laging smooth and straight ang hair ko.”
I also liked working with Teddy...Imagine, he has worked with models and celebrities, and designers like Karl Lagerfield... May mga suggested hairstyles siya sa akin based on my hair type kasi iba daw talaga Asian hair. He also told me kung anong hair products to use based on my hair type."
Sarah Geronimo and Sunsilk & Unilever Family
 *Article based from Sunsilk Co-Creations press release

Sunsilk Co-Creations is Sarah Geronimo's brand of choice and appreciates the expert care her hair gets even after all the styling and hair trauma that comes with being a showbiz performer. “With Sunsilk, my hair is softer and you can really see the difference from before.

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